A Great Epiphany Moment

Yesterday, the weather was iffy so I did not make the trek down to St. Matthew's Cathedral for Mass, which is where I usually worship. Instead, I visited a church I had never been to before, Sr. Mark the Evangelist in Hyattsville, Maryland. It is a very modern church, and while on the outside it looks a bit like a barn, the inside is very conducive to worship. People were very welcoming. The congregation was very racially diverse and very young, average age about low-30s. Lots of kids. The sermon, delivered by the deacon, was quite fine and the pastor greeting everyone at the door recognized mine as a new face and made a special effort to welcome me. It was, all in all, a great Epiphany celebration and I thank the pastor, deacon and people of St. Mark's for it.  Leaving there I felt the Church was young again. 

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