\"Highest Order Hypocrites\"

That is the verdict of Morning's Minion at Vox Nova on the decision by the National Right to Life Committee to endorse the presidential candidacy of Mitt Romney. They cite their opposition to the Affordable Care Act as one of the principal reasons for their endorsement.

The NRLC was once something other than an arm of the Republican Party. Most famously, in 1996, they opposed welfare reform on the principles grounds that the legislation might result in a higher abortion rate. I think they were wrong to oppose the law on the merits, but I admired their consistency in doing so.

As Morning's Minion points out, however, one of the essential differences between Romney's health care reform and Obama's is that Romney's explicitly provided for taxpayer funded abortions and Obama's did not. Additionally, Romney's support for the Ryan budget, which would drastically introduce market forces into health care decisions for the elderly by voucherizing Medicare, should make the NRLC wary. At least the old NRLC would have been wary. The new one has drink the GOP Kool-Aid. Shame on them.

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