Jewish Groups Call Off Meeting

Leading Jewish organizations have objected to a letter sent to Congress by several Christian religious leaders and canceled the previously scheduled meeting of the Jewish-Christian Roundtable.  The letter to Congress is, sadly, typical of the kind of anti-Israel nonsense that one often finds in certain circles of the left today, especially among the Christian left. I deeply regret the signature of two Catholics on that letter but am grateful that there is no signatory from the USCCB. We all hope for peace and we all must pray for peace, but this letter is so embarrassing, it reads like it was drafted by Neville Chamberlain's ghost. I have my difficulties with certain Israeli policies, to be sure. But, to write such a letter, calling for an investigation into U.S. military aid, at precisely the time when the most vital demand of peace in the Mideast is to get the Iranian government to desist from its efforts to build a nuclear weapon, well, this letter is not only morally obtuse, it is dangerous.


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