Judie Brown Feels Snubbed

Judie Brown, head of the American Life League, has a new post up in which she states that she feels hurt that Cardinal Dolan declined to share a dinner dais with her but he did so with President Obama. Perhaps Cardinal Dolan recognizes that there are people whose vitriol is so obvious and so repugnant, that they actually bring discredit to the pro-life cause. In any event, Dolan recognizes that when one honors the President of the United States, one is showing respect for the office as well as love for the nation, no matter what one thinks of the particular occupant of the Oval Office and his policies. Dinner with Judie Brown would likely only show contempt for the standards of civility and common sense that Dolan correctly recognizes as vital to moral and political health. Alas, such fine points are lost on zelanti like Brown and her colleagues.  

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