Kaveny on Obstacles to Evangelization

Cathleen Kaveny has posted what I hope will be the first of many items on obstacles to evangelization. Unlike much of the conversation about the "New Evangelization," which tends to focus on the use of twitter and the such, Kaveny goes to the root.

Do people in the developed world frame the fundmental existential problem in the way that Christianity does? As I understand it, the fundamental question that Christianity tries to answer is that posed by the rich young man in the Gospel: What must I do to obtain eternal life?

Kaveny notes that modern man experiences life differently from the way it was experienced in earlier times. We live longer and our faculties diminish. The idea of eternal life may not be as compelling as it once was. But, of course, it is the loneliness of death for those left behind that poses the existential question at its most acute: We Catholics should not desire eternal life, full-stop. We wish to live forever with those we love, beginning with God who is revealed to us as Love Himself.

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