Kmiec's Quixotic Campaign

Voters will go to the polls in several states tomorrow to cast ballots in primary elections. In California, my friend Doug Kmiec is running as an Independent candidate for Congress. He has built his campaign on the belief that campaign financing is ruining our democracy as well as a much needed reminder that "both parties have let us down." The observation is so obvious yet, how is one to create change when third parties are at such a disadvantage? The polls indicate that Kmiec does not stand much of a chance but if I were a voter in his district, I would be voting for him. He is one of the most decent people I know, and he has been badly used by both parties. Besides, I have always had a soft spot for those who are willing to embark on a quixotic mission. He may not win, but his candidacy pricks the conscience of the rest of us - if our political system is so broken, and it is, what are we doing to fix it?

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