Kudos to +Madden

Three cheers for Bishop Denis Madden, auxiliary bishop of Baltimore and chairman of the USCCB Committee on Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs for his comments rebuking Bishop Fellay, the leader of the Society of Saint Pius X, who said in a recent talk that Jews were "enemies of the Church." As Madden noted, such comments do not only hurt the Jewish community, they hurt us Catholics too. I am not allergic to the idea of trying to affect a reconciliation with the traditionalists, or with anybody else for that matter. But, insofar as Bishop Fellay's comments reveal his heart, it is difficult not to conclude that he has much work to do in getting rid of the hate that is there, studying the long, ugly history of Catholic anti-Semitism, and he should be made to memorize Nostra Aetate.  

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