LifeSiteNews: Craven Pro-GOP Reporting

Check out this article at about how Cong. Paul Ryan has decided to "back off" the "Akin feeding frenzy." I am sure some in the pro-life community were a bit shocked to find how quickly the entire GOP leadership, including Mr. Romney and Mr. Ryan, threw Congressman Akin under the bus. Why they were shocked is a different matter. Fifty years after Roe, most of which years had a Republican in the White House, Roe is still the law of the land.

But, this was the sentence that shows LifeSiteNews's commitment to honest reportage: "GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney had joined the strident Democratic and media rebukes over Akin’s comments, calling them “inexcusable.”" Alas, I think most of the early, strident rebukes came from fellow Republicans like Sen. Mitch McConnell, Senate Minority Leader, a slew of Missouri Republican leaders, Rush Limbaugh, etc. In fact, Mr. Romney was a bit late to the game. But, LifeSiteNews claims these were "Democratic and media rebukes." Honestly, is this organization's first allegiance to the pro-life movement or to the GOP? Certainly, it is not to honest reporting.

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