Lightning Strikes

by Michael Sean Winters

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As a metaphor, "when lightning strikes" indicates rarity. As an actual fact, when a real bolt of lightning makes a direct hit on one's house, it is more of a pain in the neck. Especially when you are in a part of rural America where one's internet connection is a dial-up!

I am taking this rare event as a sign from God that I need another day off from blogging. Besides, I find it well nigh to impossible to write while sitting at a noisy Starbucks. But, I will call readers' attention to three articles that should not be missed.

First, Maria Mazzenga has a post up at Religion & Politics contrasting Paul Ryan and Msgr. John A. Ryan. Full Disclosure: Maria is a fellow Fellow at the Institute for Policy Research & Catholic Studies at CUA and I am on the editorial advisory board at R & P, so I admit an affinity for both author and publisher. But, the article is a learned and thoughful essay that I would recommend if I knew neither.

Second, at the NCR homepage, my most recent election analysis piece from the print edition, focusing on how the Indiana Senate race is a template for whether or not the nation will be governable in the years ahead.

Finally, and a bit shamelessly, permit me to call attention to my colleague Tom Robert's review of my Falwell biography at NCRToday. I am flattered by his attention and his commentary. I am blessed beyond measure to have Roberts as a colleague, mentor and friend.

AT&T promises they will send a repair technician to the house between the hours of 9 a.m. and 8 p.m., so i need to head back to the house and wait. God willing, I will be back on line, and back in the blogging saddle, tomorrow.

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