Links for 01/12/16

Politico is reporting that Kim Davis will be attending tonight's State of the Union address but it not clear who is bringing her as their guest. Do nuncio's get to bring a guest? Will she be brining one of her husbands?

Not on my list of retirement communities: Ave Maria, Florida, the town that Tom Monaghan treats as a weird Catholic fiefdom. I wonder if all the workers there are unionized? Or, if the town has a low carbon footprint? How many Syrian refugees are being resettled? 

Chris Hughes is selling the New Republic, or what is left of it. For the life of me, if this rich brat wanted to start his own web magazine, why did he just no do so? Why did he have to wreck a venerable journalistic institution on the way? 

At US Catholic, and despite the weird title of the piece, Steve Schneck provides a thoughtful look at the limits of markets. I expect that our friend John Carr will be wearing yoga pants to his next event at Georgetown. 

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