Links for 01/13/16

This weekend, in New York City, Communion & Liberation hosts its annual Encounter, the largest three day event of its type. Highlighting this year's event is a discussion with Jeffrey Sachs and Cardinal Sean O'Malley about the environment and Laudato Si'. For more information, click here

At the NYTimes Opinionator blog, an essay about how philosophy lost its way. We have, as Brad Gregory said, gone from conceiving "the good society" to "the goods society" and then we wonder why we are more impoverished for the shift. 

In Kentucky, their new businessman turned governor is rolling back the highly successful state health care exchange. That's the bad news. The good news is that the new governor of Louisiana will be expanding Medicaid in that state. 

Everything that is yucky about pastor Joel Osteen and his Gospel of Success is found in this piece which aims to praise him. 

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