Links for 01/26/15

In this morning's Washington Post, E.J. Dionne on the new culture battles. It is kinda shocking that Republicans, who in the wake of their loss in 2012 talked all about the need to reach out to minorities and especially Latinos, decided to host their first big event of the 2016 season with Cong. Steve King. 

I do not usually post anything on the weekends, but Saturday, when I came across the twitter feed a of a nuncio who disses the pope, I couldn't help myself. In case you missed it, here is the link

Over at Commonweal, Grant Gallicho has a fascinating interview with Chicago Archbishop Blase Cupich. I especially liked the archbishop's comments about the "living tradition.: The money quote:

Ours is a living tradition. It always has been. There is no moment in time that can be so idealized that it undermines the idea that the tradition is a living one. It is a living tradition not because of anything we say, but because the risen Christ is always doing something new in the life of the church. In Pope Francis’s Evangelii gaudium, there is a whole section in which he talks about the idea that Christ is always doing something new in the lives of his people as he accompanies them.

Remember those words the next time someone presents the development of doctrine as "caving" to the times. 

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