Links for 01/29/15

Papa Francesco gives another GREAT sermon this morning on the need to avoid privatizing faith. The pope's words put me in mind of John Cavadini's brilliant review of George Weigel's "Evangelical Catholicism."

Congressman Tim Ryan, D-OH, announced he is now pro-choice. Rep. Ryan appeared on MSNBC last night to explain his switch. He was not particularly persuasive but it is important to listen to his comments about working with pro-life groups. Their unwillingness to engage on other issues that women face facilitated his shift. That is not to make an excuse for him. His switch is wrong-headed. But, we in the progressive pro-life community need to do a much better job keeping people like Ryan on board. 

At Millennial, Mike Jordan Laskey on "A Very Catholic Week: The March for Life, Selma, and Immigration Reform" These young Catholic writers are just the best!

The Catholic Health Association and Catholic Charities USA file an amicus brief at the Supreme Court, on the need for federal subsidies in those states that did not set up their own exchanges under the Affordable Care Act.   Regrettably, the USCCB has not filed a similar brief if this list on their website is any guide.

And, at the Washington Post, Harold Meyerson on why Germany should do unto Greece as the U.S. did unto Germany. More on this tomorrow here at Distinctly Catholic.


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