Links for 02/06/15

George Weigel is at it again, criticizing the pope without criticizing the pope. In his latest article, he warns against the Vatican's outreach to Cuba and China. Cardinal Casaroli died in 1998, so Weigel is not attacking him. This criticism is aimed at Pope Francis and Cardinal Parolin. 

Best argument for increasing the inheritance tax? Conrad Hilton. And if Mssr. Hilton were black or poor do you think it would take authorities so long to arrest him? 

At the Hoover Digest, Arnold Beichman makes the case that Roosevelt failed at Yalta, thinking he could make nice with Stalin and that this would sway the Russian dictator away from his avaricious territorial ambitions in Eastern Europe. Beichman cites many post-facto comments by FDR's aides to make his point. And, maybe FDR was a bit naive. But, what Beichman never asks, or answers, is this: What could FDR have done? The Red Army was in control in Poland and no amount of diplomacy, soft or stern, could affect the fate of Eastern Europe by the time the Big Three met at Yalta. 

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