Links for 02/12/15

We have seen this slander before. Fr. Zuhlsdorf insinuates that the German bishops are pushing communion for the divorced and remarried for financial reasons. You may agree or disagree with the German bishops who propose a change in Church discipline regarding communion for divorced and remarried, but to think they would sell the faith to hold on to their revenue is unfair, unproven, and defamatory. 

Speaking of Germany, in this morning's Washington Post, Harold Meyerson talks with Labor Secretary Tom Perez about his recent visit to Germany and how they structure labor-management relations. Hint? They do it better than we do. 

The Democrats will be holding their 2016 convention in Philadelphia. It is a great choice. Brooklyn would have been great too. Columbus, Ohio? Not so much. 

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Marco Rubio does his best impersonation of St. Peter after the arrest of Jesus - "I do not know the man!" - only it is Jeb Bush, not Jesus, from whom Rubio is distancing himself. As they say, in DC, if you want a friend, get a dog. 

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