Links for 02/13/15

Mark Silk, at RNS, is on a roll, producing some of his best and wittiest commentary ever, this time on Alabama, same-sex marriage and what makes God angry. 

Over at, Charles Camosy takes Mark Cherry to task for suggesting that Pope Francis is somehow "weak" theologically when it comes to bio-ethical issues. Camosy is right - the pope is not "weak" on these issues, he just does not think they are the only issues the Church needs to address. For those like Cherry who do wish to talk only about these issues, that makes the pope weak. Ugh. 

In this morning's Washington Post, Catherine Rampell takes on Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker over his proposal that recipients of government aid prove they are not on drugs. She asks: Will this be only the poor or will, say, corporate leaders who benefit from targeted tax cuts also be forced to pee in a cup to get their tax breaks? Devastating and brilliant.

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