Links for 02/20/15

Another great homily from Pope Francis about the need for Catholics to "never use God as a cover for injustice." The idea should work in both directions - if the Church is accepting a donation from those who perpetrate injustice, are we giving religious cover to the perps?

In case you missed it on the homepage, here is the link to my review of Meghan Clark's really great new book "The Vision of Catholic Social Thought." This is a very important book for a lot of reasons, and a must-read for anyone who thinks they will need to defend the pope's encyclical on the environment against the nay-sayers who will accuse him of meddling where he does not belong. Sorry, but the Church's social teachings are as deeply rooted in our core dogmatic beliefs as are our teachings on sexual ethics and bioethical issues.

Speaking of the encyclical on the environment, not sure how I missed this segment when it came out, but Fox News highlight all the possible distortions you can fit into a short TV segment: Francis v. Benedict (despite Benedict's commitment to this issue), bad science (a climate change denier spouts lies, unchallenged), this pope is "confusing," the pope has "shaken up doctrine" - no he has not, pope is aligning the Church with its "enemies" - no he is not, etc. 

For Lent, each Friday I will toss out a piece of music that, in my humble opinion, is well suited to the season. Here is the hymn "Lord, Jesus, think on me."



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