Links for 02/27/15

Yesterday, I linked to the text of Bishop Flores' lecture here at Catholic University on Tuesday. Here is a link to Pat Zapor's news report on the lecture and, if you want to know why you should read it, Zapor's article zooms right in on the most provocative claim: 

Yet, he added, "sometimes we in the church in the ETA West can smugly ask the immigrant church to assimilate to the customs and habits that are our own. We ought to pause before facilely insisting upon such a demand. For in doing so, we may in some way be asking them to abandon a Christ of flesh and blood for a gray pragmatism of indecisive small-mindedness."

Everything that is rotten about the confluence of politics, marketing and money is found in this article about Hillary Rodham Clinton's putative campaign.

That said, things are hardly brighter on the other side of the aisle. Damon Linker on the GOP's determination to secure "the stupid vote."

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