Links for 03/03/15

Cardinal Raymond Burke is at it again. In an interview posted at Rorate Caeli, he suggests that Evangelii Gaudium is not an exercise in the papal magisterium. For the record, in the English translation, the pope intends precisely the opposite of what Cardinal Burke states. More to the point, why even try and suggest such a thing? He is either very, very bewildered or heading towards the door marked schism. 

The Holy Father's talk to cooperatives shows again that only a determined tendentious reading of this man's words can square what he is saying with the tenets of modern, neo-liberal economics of the kind on display at RealClearReligion where Fr. Robert Sirico of the Acton Institute tries to turn both Pope Francis and martyred Archbishop Oscar Romero into apologists for his erroneous understanding of human freedom and autonomy. To be clear: The reason +Romero was gunned down was NOT because of his opposition to crony capitalism. 

I meant to post this yesterday. At, theologian Tobias Winright's open letter to Gov. Deal of Georgia, pleading that the state not execute Kelly Gissendaner, whose execution was postponed last night because there was a problem with the drugs used in the lethal injections. The parole board denied clemency. 

If this article at MyDaily is correct, unbeknownst to me, I spent two hours at the gym last night. Cool. 

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