Links for 03/13/13

Emily's List pulls the leash and congresssional Democrats obediently heel. If, in the process, a bill on human  trafficking is stopped, so be it. Emily's List and the other pro-choice groups are making it harder and harder to be a Democrat.  

And, the alternative is not exactly promising. Watching Republicans scramble to explain why they signed Sen. Tom Cotton's letter to the leaders in Iran is embarrassing. On the radio coming from the vet this morning, one commentator said Cotton's letter read like some guys in a bar, on their third drink, were wondering what to do about the Iran nuclear program and came up with this. They say they want Iran to completely desist all nuclear activity. I would like that too. But, how to achieve it? They have no answers, just a frat house quality pose. Ick. 

The Guardian profiles Martin O'Malley, who is probably kicking himself for not declaring his candidacy already - he would have had a lot of free media this week if he had. O'Malley's focus on data-driven decision making is fine, so far as it goes, but he needs to develop a deeper and more resonant vision that a utilitarian commitment to making government work. Still, he is a refreshing change from the drama-ridden  world of the Clintons.



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