Links for 03/16/15

President Obama was really funny at this weekend's Gridiron dinner, especially his takedown of Gov. Scott Walker. (h/t to Fr. Imbelli)

The Holy Father on God's ability to change us if we have faith and how hard we find it to believe that God really loves us. 

When I first saw this video from the Acton Institute, I thought for sure that it was a spoof. Jeffrey Tucker's presentation is so delightfully campy, I am reluctant to criticize the content, but the content is so ridiculous, you have to take note. I repeat my concern that this well-funded organization is trying to expand its reach within the Catholic Church but that what it is peddling is not Catholic social teaching at all. 

Carl Olson, at Catholic World Report, is unhappy with NCR and the three other journals that issued a joint editorial opposing the death penalty. Being criticized by Olson is one of the highest forms of praise. 

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