Links for 03/24/15

A "gut check" for Democrats: Do they care more about a bipartisan bill that will help secure health care for the poor, or do they care more about towing the Emily's List line. Politico has the story. I must say, this is the kind of thing that makes it harder and harder to self-identify as a Democrat.

The euthanasia fight in Connecticut should be won, but if the Church mishandles its arguments, we will lose. I worry when I read this quote in the Hartford Courant:

"The concept of physician-assisted suicide is a major affront to the teachings of the church,'' said Michael C. Culhane, executive director of the Catholic conference. "It was defeated twice and I believe it is going to be defeated this year, as well."

To be clear: the reasons the State of Connecticut should oppose physician assisted suicide is not because it is an affront to Church teachings. They should oppose it because it violates the common good, threatens vulnerable populations, and turns doctors into murderers. 

Just how badly the influence of money can corrupt - even the venerable Smithsonian can be persuaded to tone down what it otherwise knows to be the case when the Koch Brothers are writing the checks. 

The fight for liberal education continues, and it is as often as not self-described liberals who are leading the assault. This NYTimes story is frightening. The parents who are paying this kid's tuition should ask for a refund.

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