Links for 03/27/15

At RNS, Mark Silk says that the Indiana Religious Freedom Restoration Act is not as big a deal as either its advocates or its opponents make it out to be. 

Notre Dame Law Professor Rick Garnett, in the South Bend Tribune, thinks the same, with a slightly different angle from Silk's. Garnett's conclusion is the antithesis of religious zealotry:

Results like these reflect, rather than endanger, our civil-rights commitments and fundamental values. At present, Indiana law on religious accommodations is underdeveloped and unclear. The act will provide a field-tested and workable standard. It may and should be supported by those of us who are committed — as we all should be — to civil rights, human dignity, and the common good.

At the Catholic Herald, Stephen Bullivant urges readers to stop blaming Vatican II for what ails the Church. Glad to see the Herald publishing something so sane! 


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