Links for 03/30/15

At Commonweal, Paul Baumann on the John Connelly's recent Catholic-Jewish Engagement lecture at Fairfield University. Regular readers will recall my review of Connelly's important book From Enemy to Brother which can be found here and here. At a time when anti-Jewish attitudes are gaining traction on the Christian Left, this book is a good reminder of just how endemic anti-Semitism has been in Catholic history and why we should be watchful at all times against its resurgence. 

This video is a homage to humanistic decency. Why can't we Catholics produce things of such simple, but extraordinarily good, quality. 

At, Charles Camosy raises questions about the recent poll of Millennials that is causing such a buzz. I am not sure the pollsters had their thumb on the scale so much as the questions were framed poorly. I suspect the truth is somewhere in the middle as to what Millennials believe - they are very non-judgmental, and place an undue amount of intellectual value on a person's circumstances, but they also really are less reflexively pro-choice than their parents. They grew up seeing sonograms on the door of the fridge, and not just any sonogram, but their own!  

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