Links for 04/01/15

At Crisis magazine, Patrick Reilly, head of the inappropriately named Cardinal Newman Society, on Notre Dame, same sex marriage and Indiana law. Unsurprisingly, Mr. Reilly is wrong on the facts AND wrong on the law. The only thing Reilly proves is the myopia on the right which, this week, got a great big wake up call to return to reality.

For a prime example of myopia on the left, this breathless essay at by Patricia Miller is significant both for its reductionism and its sheer tendentiousness. There are many reasons that Congress is broken, and the Catholic Church is not on the top ten. Also, she fails to realize that the Hyde Amendment is the one piece of our public policy on abortion that actually reflects the ambivalence of the American people. But, what to expect from someone who was once a shill for Catholics for Choice? I just don't know why the editors at Salon would ask her to write about the Catholic Church. Kind of like asking Michelle Bachmann to assess the state of the modern liberalism or Tom Brady to opine on contemporary issues in basket weaving.

While undertaking some research this past weekend, I came across this article on Karol Wojtyla's early statements on social justice issues. Very interesting. 

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