Links for 04/26/17

At the Vatican website, Pope Francis delivers a TED talk. Someone at the Vatican who hatched this idea deserves a raise. 

Why is the Washington Post publishing Julian Assange? Porn would serve as better click bait?

Thank God for an independent judiciary: At Politico, a San Francisco judge has blocked the Trump administration's order against sanctuary cities. Not sure this ruling will hold up on appeal, but it is nice to know that there is someone empowered by the Constitution to stand up to you know who in the White House.

At Foreign Policy, Christopher Glazek makes an important point in his look at Emmanuel Macron: Maybe the problems for the Democrats in the states is not their policies, but their personnel. The money quote:

There are many reasons why Democrats had a poor showing in 2016, but an important reason is that they were represented by septuagenarian leaders who had been wounded, over a period of decades, by billions of dollars of negative advertising. Fair or unfair, those ads hit their mark. Hillary Clinton, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi remain historically unpopular figures.

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