Links for 05/04/15

A group of priests have started a petition to the Synod Fathers, asking them to uphold the traditional teaching of the Church on marriage and human sexuality. This effort mimics a similar petition drive in the UK. The difference? The U.S. version has been signed by four bishops, +Paprocki of Springfield, Illinois, +Conley of Lincoln, Nebraska, +Kagan of Bismark, North Dakota, and +Finn, formerly of Kansas City-St. Joseph, Missouri. More on this tomorrow.

At Daily Beast, an interview with Christiana Peppard about the Holy Father's forthcoming encyclical on the environment and why conservatives should relax.

From the Washington Post, a report on the efforts by the Koch Brothers to spread their libertarian gospel among Latinos. This should scare the livin' bejeezus out of every bishop in the land and if they look up long enough from fretting about bakers making cakes for gay weddings,, they will see that this, the struggle against libertarianism, is the biggest threat to the Church's teachings in our culture. 

At, Andrew Kim has a lovely story about how some people still see the Church as what She is when She is at Her best. 

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