Links for 05/18/15

Meghan Clark, at Catholic Moral Theology, on her five takeways - not throwaways - from the encyclical. 

At Vatican Radio, Patrick Deneen on how the encyclical, and Catholic Social teaching more generally, challenges everybody. 

From the dark side, Damian Thompson at the Spectator thinks the Pope is slapping conservatives in the face and that "To Catholic sceptics, and there are plenty of them, this will sound as if the Holy Father has said: ‘The science is settled and if you think otherwise perhaps you should consult your confessor.'" No, in my reading, the pope says to climate change deniers that they should consult the science, or maybe their shrink, not necessarily their confessor. I agree with Thompson on one thing: I would love to know what Cardinal Pell thinks of this document.

And at The American Catholic, Donald McClarey asks why the pope even got into this, and concludes he is just a left-leaning pol. Obviously, he has not read the text very carefully, as it is rooted in Church teachings and traditions the pre-date the partisanship of the day. I guess at the American Catholic, the emphasis is on the American more than the Catholic.

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