Links for 05/20/15

by Michael Sean Winters

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I am not much of a fan of using the Holy Father in a political advertisement, but if you are going to do it.....

You heard it here first: The "ick factor" and HRC.

Much of Patrick Deneen's latest essay on the fallout from the Indiiana RFRA fight at First Things is alarmist, and unnecessarily so, but this paragraph warrants much reflection, by people in both parties: 

To see the glee with which ­liberals joined forces with corporations revealed the deepest fact about the American ruling class: politicians and corporations will join forces to effect the change preferred bycorporations, change that too often damages the working class and benefits society’s elites. Corporate America is willing to join any coalition that advances its financial interests and ­deeper philosophic commitments, at the expense of Americans on the wrong side of history, especially those Americans living in places like Indiana who aren’t part of the meritocratic global elite.

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