Links for 05/29/15

At Mirror of Justice, Rick Garnett responds to my post on Scalia being the culprit in the religious freedom discussion. His points are all thoughtful and well-stated, but I still think Scalia misread the fabric of democracy (and the limits of the Court), which he does a lot, and often when it suits him. I wish he had kept such a restrictive understanding of judicial activism when he was voting on Citizens United!

At Commonweal, Anthony Annett is on fire and he directs his fire at George Weigel.  

Note to the Congregation for Bishops: This is one appointment you do not have to rush. The Tampa Tribune has an article on Bishop Robert Lynch of St. Petersburg, Florida, starting to say his good-byes - he turns 75 next year. +Lynch is one of the finest bishops in the land and the Holy See can leave him right where he is past the retirement age for a few years.  

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