Links for 06/06/17

by Michael Sean Winters

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At Commonweal, Anthony Annett delivers a thoughtful and devastating rebuttal to a cover story at America by Arthur Brooks. One of several, dare I say, money quotes from Annett:

To reduce the reduction of poverty to such factors as property rights, entrepreneurship, and the magic of free markets is folly in the service of ideology.

Also at Commonweal, John Gehring asks if faith leaders will be able to convince Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly that his crackdown on immigration is unjust per se. 

This essay at the Washington Post is provocative, arguing that Trump's victory was not based on working class voters, and the questions it provokes are important, but I think the authors make a mistake in simply equating "working class" with a specific wage level when the reality is more complex.  Class may start out as a mathematical calculation about income but it quickly acquires a host of cultural attitudes and attributes that are significant.

At Our Sunday Visitor, Robert Christian explains how the pro-life and the climate marches indicate how both movements may be changing and, God willing, aligning, especially among Millennials.

In the Texas Monitor, Archbishop Gustavo Garcia-Siller and Bishop Daniel Flores explain the Church's opposition to that state's SB4 legislation that is akin to federal efforts to restrict "sanctuary cities." 


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