Links for 06/23/15

Okay, so I have no idea how many people go to, but this found its way into my in-box: Openly encouraging Catholics to dissent from papal teaching which, of course, the author completely misunderstands, and characterizing Pope Francis' comments in the worst possible light. I fear we will see more of this in the lead up to the pope's visit in September. 

At Working Class Perspectives, a blog I have just started going to, an article on the Democrats challenge and opportunity. Let's hope Team Hillary is listening because so far all signals coming from her campaign are that they have given up on white working class voters too. 

At the New York Times, Boston College's Hosffman Ospino on the Latino vote and how it is not homogenous.  

Meghan Clark, writing for America, on the need to remove sexual assault cases in the military from the chain of command. Where is the voice of the Archdiocese of the Military or the USCCB on this issue? One way to support the dignity of women is to support women whose dignity has been assaulted. 

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