Links for 07/01/15

Last Sunday's WaPo had a good, but not exhaustive, essay by Sally Jenkins on the debate over the Confederate battle flag. I concur in her sentiment that we should not erase history, but there is a difference between an historic artifact and a symbol of still present racism. Sometimes a symbol can be both, like the battle flag, and then it is the context that matters. The flag should not be taken out of a museum, but it should be confined to a museum, seen as something in our past, not our present. 

At In These Times, what some of the world's leading economists make of the Greek debt situation. The key thing to know is that the previous loans to Greece did not stay in Greece but went mostly to Western banks. What better example of an economy in which the human has been removed from consideration?

Hands down, wackiest rightwing concern about the Supreme Court? This petition asking Cardinal Wuerl and Archbishop Vigano to excommunicate John Roberts and Sonya Sotomayor for ruling favor of the Affordable Care Act. Not sure why they gave Justice Kennedy a pass.  

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