Links for 07/08/15

At RealClearPolitics, Peter Berkowitz thinks the other big Supreme Court case, on the Affordable Care Act, was a win for conservatives, even if they don't see it.  

Dumbest attack on Wisconsin Gov. Scoot Walker? That he is not up to the job of being president because he lacks a college diploma. There are many good reasons not to vote for Mr. Walker. His lack of a degree is not among them. One of the outstanding presidents of the twentieth century, Harry Truman, never graduated college but he was deeply read in history. I suspect Mr. Walker is not so deeply read in history and THAT would be a good reason not to vote for him. Politico has the story. 

At Commonweal, Tony Annett on what's next after Laudato Si'.

Good news from California: The right-to-die legislation died in committee. The proponents will be back, but this year, with all the media attention on the tragic case of Brittany Maynard, was their best shot. Let's hope we can keep these pernicious initiatives from spreading. Autonomy is no justification for legally permitted homocide.  


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