Links for 07/09/15

Pope Francis confronts one of the central myths of Western society, the conflation of "the common good" with "prosperity." I am praying he brings the same message to the US in September that he is bringing to Latin America this week - and I think he will. 

Blue Nation Review takes on four lies about organized labor that are still spoken of as if they were true.

Worst piano recital ever - I won't show this to Ambrose because I do not want him to get any ideas! 

CORRECTION: Last week, I linked to a video by Fr. Robert Barron about the Supreme Court decision on same sex marriage. In describing the link, I mistakenly said that Barron repeated the late Cardinal George line about his successor dying in jail. That quote was actually in a letter from another bishop. In the video, Fr. Barron used a different quote from Cardinal George. I regret the error. 

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