Links for 07/14/15

At Huffington Post, an advocate for physician-assisted suicide demonstrates how little she understands the Catholic Church: The constituency of a bishop is not Catholic voters, it is Jesus Christ. More importantly, this is an issue on which the Church's leaders should continue to engage, and engage deeply because it is frightening to contemplate, as you can tell by the euphemisms deployed by the proponents of PAS. And, shame on HuffPost for being so unwilling to ask tough questions of this advocate. 

Speaking of human dignity, this BBC story on a woman with Down's Syndrome demonstrates why unborn children with Down's Syndrome should not be routinely aborted as if usually the case. I hope every pregnant woman who finds out her child has Down's Syndrome will look at this video before making the decision to abort. \

Too soon to know if this is good news, but the deal struck with Iran will become a point of contention in the weeks ahead, as if we needed more contention in our political life. But, any and all critics of thhe deal must be asked a question: What would you do to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon instead? 

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