Links for 07/16/15

A report from the Kalmanovitz Initiative at Georgetown University on the efforts to organize adjunct faculty at the school. This could be a model for other universities dealing with this important issue. Certainly, schools that are concerned with their Catholic identity need to consider living in accordance with the Church's social doctrine. (h/t to Clayton Sinyai at the Catholic Labor Network.)

Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good's Chris Hale at WaPo's "On Faith" on the Planned Parenthood video controversy. Hats off for not making excuses for Planned Parenthood. I will comment on this video controversy tomorrow.

How far has the GOP fallen? Here is a look at some of the items in their party platform in 1956.

A new website called "Whole Life Democrats." Not very many U.S. Catholics follow the Church's teachings about life issues across the board, but this group is the happy exception. 

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