Links for 07/21/15

At US Catholic, Stephen Schneck reflects on the Planned Parenthood video and how stalled - and tired - the debate about abortion is. It is up to the Left to provide some new approaches to this issue, and, sadly, we live at a time when the Democratic Party has given a veto to Emily's List while the AFL-CIO can get kicked to the curb. 

Jeb Bush has some explaining to do. He rightly criticized Donald Trump for speaking so disrespectfully about John McCain's heroism, but it turns out that Bush has not always been so upset when some people trash a veteran's record. Think Progress has the story. Hypocrisy of the worst sort.

The announcement that Fr. Robert Barron has been named an auxiliary bishop of Los Angeles is certainly surprising. Are there no Latino candidates for the post? It is very rare to appoint an auxiliary from outside of an ecclestiastical province. Also rare that the bishop-elect issues a statement that does not mention the Holy Father (or Chicago, or the seminary where he was a rector, or his out-going or in-coming immediate ecclesiastical superior, the archbishops of Chicago and Los Angeles.) But, my first question is different. Did Bishop-elect Barron know of this appointment when he published this article last week at RealClearReligion which distorts or trims the Holy Father's message?

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