Links for 07/22/15

At Faith Street, John Gehring on the radicalness of Pope Francis and why if you think he is a liberal, you have missed what he is all about.

At USAToday, Kirsten Powers suggest we should "Crush Planned Parenthood." Amen to that - and do it before they crush anymore unborn children and the moral conscience of any society with aspirations to decency!

Last year, RealClearReligion ran a post on the ugliest churches in the world. Now, they have a much better article on the most beautiful churches in the world. I am not sure I would compile the same list - I actually compiled a list last year, as regular readers may recall. But, there are worse ways to spend five minutes than looking at pics of beautiful churches. 

Speaking of pics of churches, someone spent a lot of time at Wikipedia compiling a very useful page that has pics of every cathedral in the U.S., along with links to the diocesan and cathedral webpages, all of it broken down by ecclesiastical province. You will see that in hte late nineteenth century they built some beautiful churches. Lately, hmmmmm.....

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