Links for 07/27/15

In this morning's Washington Post, a story about how the economic difficulties - and the drought - in Puerto Rico are increasing the number of Boricuas moving to Florida where they can vote in a presidential race. The Puerto Rican vote along the I-4 corridor has been key in several recent elections and, now, it may be decisive. 

Also in this morning's WaPo, E.J. Dionne on how polarization and ambivalence co-exist in the electorate and how both parties need to try and square this circle if they are to motivate voters, especially young voters. A really smart piece which should challenge both parties' strategists.

Prepare to get steaming mad. The BBC reports on tax havens and how the uber-rich are storing $21 trillion - with a T - in said havens to avoid paying their fair share. This makes me want to sharpen my pitchfork. 

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At the Catholic Commentator, the online newspaper of the Diocese of Baton Rouge, a story of a family that takes procreativity to a whole new level, not only via adoption, but by supporting the family of a child they were unable to adopt, and, indeed, the whole community where she lived. Just beautiful. Fill disclosure: The dad in this story was in seminary with me back in the day. 

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