Links for 08/03/15

A new poll from Celinda Lake, commissioned by labor and faith-based groups, shows that Pope Francis is plenty popular - and he is even more credible than Oprah! Even!

At the wesbite of the Napa Institute, George Weigel tears into Cardinal Kasper - this time about the nature of democracy. Weigel is on a panel at Napa with Cardinal Schonborn of Vienna and former Archbishop of St. Paul John Nienstedt. Hmmm. 

At Commonweal, Peter Steinfels defends Hillary Clinton and debunks David Brooks and gives the lion's share of his credit to Lawrence Fink. Steinfels (and Fink and Clinton) are right: We need to create incentives for market behavior that the market can't create for itself, or we really are at the whim of the gods of finance. Moderate reforms today are always better - for everyone - than pitchforks later. 

LifeSiteNews is not happy with Cardinal Donald Wuerl because he has declined to throw a tantrum about the Supreme Court's ruling on same sex marriage and, rightly, insists that there are factors to be balanced. That counts for heresy at LifeSite, so they go after +Wuerl. It is a badge of honor for the cardinal. 

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