Links for 08/12/15

by Michael Sean Winters

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Filed under "Tone Matters," Detroit's Archbishop Allen Vigneron finds a better way to discuss the needs and hopes of gay and lesbian people. The Detroit Free Press has the story.  

At Time magazine, Christopher Hale on John Kasich as the GOP's "Pope Francis candidate." 

An interesting debate is going on in the conservative bleachers between Notre Dame's Rick Garnett and colleagues and Princeton's Robbie George and Ryan Anderson of the Heritage Foundation. Here is the latest First Things article by George and Anderson, which contains links to the prior discussions. I think Garnett and his colleagues have the better of the argument, both on the merits and from a strategic point of view. But, read the back-and-forth and see what you think. 

Lastly, here is a two minute trailer for a new movie about Pope Francis, based on the wonderfully person biography of the pope by Elisabetta Pique:

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