Links for 08/20/15

At his blog, Bishop Daniel Flores of Brownsville, Texas on Ian Ker's look at Newman, Vatican II and ecclesial movements. 

At the website of the Irish episcopal conference, a report on the 50th anniversary celebrations for the cathedral in Galway. It is well worth reading the homily by Cardinal Sean O'Malley, especially the part where he recounts his very first sermon as a priest assigned as a chaplain in a prison. Hilarious. 

At Buzzfeed, the text of a letter to President Obama from some progressive groups that wish to see RFRA gutted. I am especially distraught to see AFSCME and AFT on the list. Certainly, these two organizations should understand better than most that until groups are given the kinds of legal protections individuals and corporations are, organized labor will lose many, many legal challenges. Assigned reading for the leaders of both unions: Lew Daly's "The Church of Labor.

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