Links for 08/27/15

by Michael Sean Winters

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At The Atlantic, Paul Vallely writes about Pope Francis and where he learned humility. I am not sure I buy his these about the significance of then-Fr. Bergoglio's exile, but I liked the quote in the penultimate paragraph. 

At First Things, George Weigel wonders if it is time to head to the catacombs. It isn't. I gotta kick out of his last sentences. He writes: 

Lukewarm, pick-and-choose Catholicism will not survive the cultural and political tsunami that’s coming. All-In Catholicism can do more than survive; it can convert.

I agree entirely about the power of "all-in" Catholicism, but I have to ask when Mssr. Weigel will go "all-in" on Catholic Social Teaching instead of trying to shape it into something that reads like a plank in the GOP platform. 

Archbishop Alexander Sample of Portland, Oregon has this article up about homosexuality. It seems obvious to me that the repeating the language in the catechism is not really very helpful. But, I also noticed a typo. The Archbishop writes: 

On the other If a person with same sex attractions engages in homosexual acts, these acts are intrinsically and gravely disordered, and objectively constitute grave sin.  (CCC, #2357).  But the Pope emphasizes that our God is a God of mercy and forgiveness.  If someone sins in this regard, coverts, confesses his or her sins, they are forgiven and the Lord forgets their sins.  So should we forgive and forget.  Hence, “who am I to judge?”

Do you see it? Instead of "converts" the archbishop wrote "coverts." I note the dictionary has this to say: 



  1. a thicket in which game can hide.
  2. any of the feathers covering the bases of the main flight or tail feathers of a bird.



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