Links for 09/11/15

At Millennial, an interview with the U.S.'s foremost labor priest, Fr. Clete Kiley. 

At LifeSiteNews, Cardinal Burke and Archbishop Lenga fret about the "crisis" in the Church. In addition to the fear-mongering, lack of joy, ahistorical sensibilities, I especially like the dark music that plays in the back ground of the video. This is what the Holy Father is up against, and his critics on the left should think twice before attacking him. He needs our support now more than ever. 

At Rolling Stone, Mark Binelli previews the upcoming papal visit. This Binelli fellow knew who to talk to!!!!

Today, here in Washington, the heat has passed and it was a brisk, beautiful, cloudless morning, just like it was fourteen years ago. On that horrible day, the reactions around the world can tell us a lot about who are our friends, and not just our friends, but the friends of all that is precious and good. On the West Bank, there were celebrations. Remember that the next time someone tells you that the Palestinians only want peace. On the other hand, here are two videos that are, when you think about it, quite remarkable, the first the day of the attack, during the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace, and the second at a memorial service a few days later at St. Paul's Cathedral: 






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