Links for 09/15/15

At Yahoo News, where they are doing some great long-form journalism, Amy Sullivan has an article on the roots of the stunning interview Stephen Colbert had with Vice President Joe Biden last week. Make sure you click on the links. It was great to see Colbert talk to a young rocker on Catholic trivia, and also to see him, incredulous, as Garry Wills exposed the silliness which has sadly come to characterize his late years.

In the LATimes, Charles Camosy challenges the Republicans who claim to support a 20-week abortion ban but who are refusing to add a provision for paid family leave that might guarantee the bill's passage. If the GOP does not change on this, let no one again call them the pro-life party. 

At RNS, Mark Silk looks at why Iowa evangelicals are more likely to flock to Ben Carson, who is one of their own, than to Donald Trump, who clearly is not. Silk is right, but at the end of the day, fundamentalist evangelicals crave certainty more than anything and insofar as Trump thinks of himself as some kind of oracle, they would support him too if Carson begins to fade. 

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