Links for 10/15/15

At US Catholic, Meghan Clark on women and sustainable development in Africa. 

At HuffPost, Massimo Faggioli on the opposition to Pope Francis being both extreme and reckless. I tend to agree, and the recklessness is something that really needs to be locked at, by the press, by the pope, and by everyone concerned about the Church. 

At Pontifex Minimus, Michael Higgins on "the other 'D'" - not dissent, but the culture of delation. Good to recall that those highlighted in Faggioli's article thrived in this culture of delation, without objection. 

From the file "Not knowing when to stop" Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel gives his tic-toc on Kim Davis' meeting with the pope. I do not quibble with his statement of the facts, although I note that he and Davis said the pope met with her for fifteen minutes and I have yet to see any remembrance of a conversation that took longer than fifteen seconds. I do quibble with his interpretation of what Pope Francis intended during the presser on the plane. Mr. Staver - you do not know what the pope intended. Clearly, Terry Moran, from ABC, who asked the question, had Ms. Davis in mind, and also asked the wrong question insofar as its premise was that she was a conscientious objector, which she is not. It is not clear the pope made the connection. And, to all those responsible for arranging this meeting, are you happy? The pope's intention is now being rendered by a man with an agenda and with no loyalty to the Church or the pope. Nice going.

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