Links for 10/16/15

by Michael Sean Winters

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At RNS, Charles Camosy on why Planned Parenthood's problems run deeper than their trafficking in fetal body parts. 

At USAToday, Kirsten Powers on the "right-to-die" arguments and their total insufficiency. 

At the NYTimes, Arthur Brooks does an admirable job relating his take on Pope Francis, admirable, but not without problems. He writes, "After all, unlike in much of the rest of the world, in America there is no shame in starting out poor; there is no pride in being born rich." Really? I hear plenty of pols shaming the poor and have met plenty of rich folk, especially children of rich folk, who take great pride in the circumstances of their birth, and not only pride, but a sense of moral superiority to complement their material superiority. And, his Horatio Alger graph is regrettable. But, hey. it is a beautiful day, Pope Francis is pope, let's not let the quibbles overwhelm our sense that Brooks is doing his best to actually engage Pope Francis' message. 

At HuffPost, by way of contrast, see how billionaire Ken Langone makes hash of Catholic Social Teaching. Surely, Mr. Langone is not a stupid man. If he believes this bunk, someone with Church-cred is feeding it to him. 

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