Links for 10/20/15 (b)

Yesterday, I posted links for today's date. Apologies. It has been that kind of a month! This account for the (b) above.

At Politico, Marco Rubio heads hard right on immigration proving that if the GOP thinks his last name is going to help them with Latino voters who are not Cuban, they are mistaken. 

Also at Politico, Frederic Hof on how wrong he was about Syria 

At Vox, Matthew Yglesias on why the Democrats are in denial about their political standing down-ballot. Note to Democratic leaders: Stop alienating pro-life Democrats and working class voters with your skewed, upper middle class ethics. 

At the National Catholic Register, Archbishop Samuel Aquila of Denver finds the wrong historical analogy to make an unhelpful point. I am wondering if he even read +Kasper's book with deals explicitly with the charge of "cheap grace." 



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