Links for 10/23/15

At Religion & Ethics Newsweekly, reflections on the 50th anniversary of Nostra Aetate. At a time when anti-semitism is so clearly on the rise within the Catholic community, we must remember the Council's call for strenghtening our relations with our elder brothers. 

At Millennial, a beautiful reflection by Robert Christian on "A Church for the Broken." I think we have all had the experience of seeing someone in such intense prayer, you know that they are bringing their broken heart to the Lord. Money quote: "The seriousness of these discussions by responsible figures at the Synod stands in stark contrast to the irresponsible, self-righteous rhetoric of those who enthusiastically support the denial of communion to others, while relying on the type of legalism and selective literalism that Christ denounces over and over again in the gospels."

At New York magazine, Jonathan Chait on Marco Rubio's "terrifyingly stupid ideas" about climate and energy. And the guy lives in Miami, that is, at sea level.

Yesterday, on the other side of Capitol Hill, the Senate had a hearing on the White House's proposals to aid Puerto Rico in its debt crisis. Sen. Bernie Sanders hit a home run, actually two, first tackling the vulture funds that are demanding more austerity on the island and, second, asking Puerto Rican officials why only one percent of their electricity comes from sustainable solar and wind. Here is the video:


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